Whales and Rainbows make me ridiculously HAPPY!

It seems that Humpback Whales and Rainbows have magical powers over me........as whenever I see one (or better yet many) I no longer can control myself and begin to leap about, clap, yell, cry out with pure joy......usually all at the same time!

In truth the image probably should have read: Whales make me lose my sh*t....LOL but I decided to go with the PG version!

Watch this video to hear the back story and my Hawaiian Humpback song!

So a few years back I got the idea (in truth I really think the whales told me to do it ;) ) to create the original "Whales make me HAPPY!" sticker and I am SOOOO GLAD that I followed the inspiration! 

Because it turns out (not surprisingly) that whales and rainbows make loads of other people really happy too!

Honestly the best part about these products for me is that they are spreading HAPPINESS! I love the reaction people have when they see the image. I love hearing their whale stories. I love the joy on their faces when they say: Whales make me happy too!!!


What We Do...

We spread the joy of rainbows and whales throughout the world! And in doing so get to give back a portion of profits to local charities that help to maintain the amazing array of beauty that we are blessed with here in Hawaii.


Would you like to wholesale customized products?

Are you lucky enough to have whales where you live? Do you love rainbows too? Contact me for info about customizing the graphic with your location to sell in your area!

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