Posted on by Megan Nolan

At least 12,000 Pacific humpback whales are believed to migrate to Hawaiʻi each winter, with their rate increasing at 7% per year. They travel from their northern summer feeding area that extends from Northern California to the Bering Sea, arriving in Hawaiʻi to mate, give birth and care for their young calves in safer, warmer waters.

Arrival time varies each year and can start as early as October with the peak of the season usually in February and March. The whales prefer the shallower waters off the west coast of the island as they make ideal conditions to raise their young. After that they begin their return trip home to fill their bellies and spend the next few months in cooler waters. 

☝️PLEASE REMEMBER: Humpback whales are protected by federal and state regulations, which prohibit vessels and other water-users from approaching humpback whales within 100 yards. They are massive creatures so please give them their space! That being said they can often be curious and approach vessels, if that happens please turn off motors and appreciate the experience. 🌊🌍🐋 

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